Graphviz vertex/edge properties

Sorry for disturbing again, but I’m trying to draw a graph (with graphviz) with labels on vertices and on edges.
I saw in the documentation that vprops and eprops are Python attributes with values that are dictionaries containing
key-value pairs, where key is a graphviz attribute and value is either a string or a property map.

So I tried the following:

graphviz_draw(g, vcolor=typev, vprops={label: labelv}, eprops={label: labele}, output=fname+".pdf »)

where label is a graphviz property (as explained in
and labelv and labele are property maps defined as

labelv = g.new_vertex_property("string")
labele = g.new_edge_property("string »)

This doesn’t work and I get the error message

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 459, in <module>
    graphviz_draw(g, vcolor=typev, vprops={label: labelv}, eprops={label: labele}, output=fname+".pdf")
NameError: name 'label' is not defined

But label is indeed a graphviz property, no doubt upon that. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance


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Hi Yannis,

As the error message states, that is happening within your code at line
459. It isn't going down to graph_tool or graphviz.

And it is a python NameError for 'label', so you're simply using a name
'label' that is not defined.

You can't define a dictionary using as argument something that is not

In this case it is your dictionary definition that should have quoted the
name so it becomes a string.

Try this instead:

graphviz_draw(g, vcolor=typev, vprops={"label": labelv}, eprops={"label":
labele}, output=fname+".pdf")

Good luck,


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