error: not able to draw vertex index

HI I am new to graph tools, and I have installed graph tools in anaconda
environment on my PC(CentOS 7) and tried to run the following example code:

*>>>from graph_tool.all import *>>>g = Graph()>>>v1 = g.add_vertex()>>>v2 =
g.add_vertex()>>>e = g.add_edge(v1,
v2)>>>graph_tool.draw.graph_draw(g, **vertex_text=g.vertex_index,
vertex_font_size=18,output_size=(200, 200), output="two-nodes.png")*

and I get his error

/home/maddy/anaconda2/bin/python: symbol lookup error:
undefined symbol:

however i don't get the error if i don't use:

*vertex_text=g.vertex_index in graph_draw*
and the code successfully gives expected graph except for vertex_index

Although I found from the forums that It could be due to LD_LIBRARY_PATH
and I have set the path in ~/.bashrc:

*export LD_LIBRARY_PATH:"/home/maddy/anaconda2/lib:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH"*
Could you you help me fix the issue as I am in dire need to generate the
graphs for academic purposes and deadlines are just around.

Thank you for the patience


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This issue seems to be related to path inconsistencies in the conda package
you use. Note that these packages are not "official", and are not done by
me. Please contact the author of the packages so they can fix the problem.