Why do I get marginal edge probabilities >1?


I am trying to perform network reconstruction using MeasuredBlockState. I
then collect the marginal edge probabilities which are stored as an
EdgePropertyMap 'eprob'. Would it be possible to explain why some
probabilities in 'eprob' are >1?

My understanding was that eprob of edge (a,b) is interpreted as the
/marginal posterior probability of edge(a,b) to exist in the inferred
network/, in which case all instances of eprob should be <=1. Would it be
possible to explain why this is not the case?

Thank you in advance.

Could you provide a minimal and self-contained example that shows the
problem you are describing?

(Note that get_edge_prob() actually returns the log-probability in the
range [-inf, 0], not the probability in the range [0,1].)