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Sorry i'm new here. Is the code hosted on github?

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Hi Ronnie, and welcome.

Yes, there is a github repository mirroring the main repository which is
located at skewed.de.

Take a look at the last section in


as it has all the details. (just scroll to the bottom of the page)

Happy hacking,


Thank you.

So the main reason I joined this. How would I have vertex_text_label be set
to degree_property_map("total"). if i set the first to the second, python
dies on the weird longs that it gets and prints 0x1p2 and the like.


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How is the upstream merging typically done and what size "chunks" do you
like for commits.


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There are no general guidelines. Merge requests will be evaluated individually.
Just use common sense.


Thanks for that.

Sorry some large ones - ex. the ones run by the guys at Twitter have

Thanks again.

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