vsize_scale in draw_hierarchy not responding.


I have been working with minimize_nested_blockmodel_dl and while drawing
with draw_hierarchy I just would like to improve the default options to
make it a bit more appealing. So I increased the label size and would like
to do so with the nodes. I try to change the vsize_scale property from its
default but nothing happened. The code for the drawing is next:

draw_hierarchy(state,bg_color = [1,1,1,1],
deg_size = True,
vsize_scale = 1000,
hvprops = {"color":"black","fill_color":"gray","size":50},
heprops = {"color":"black","pen_width":5},
vprops = {"color":"black"},
eprops = {"pen_width":3},
output_size = (2000,2000),
vertex_text = label,
vertex_font_size = 60,
vertex_text_position = "centered",
fit_view = 0.75,#(-500,-500, 1000, 1000),5
output = "figure5a_9.eps");

*​*Thanks in advance!

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Dear Rogelio,

Please open an issue in the website at


don't forget to include a _complete_ minimal example that shows the problem.