Using graph-tool in Colab after Colab has upgraded to Python 3.7

Hi All,

  Wonderful to get to know about this mailing list. Thanks to the creators
of graph-tool for writing a wonderful library!!

I was seamlessly using graph-tool inside Colab notebooks until a week ago to
visualize large graphs.

But about 10 days ago Colab updated to Python 3.7 and my original graph-tool
import and usage setup ran into a few hiccups due to me not knowing how to
go about dealing with changes due to their update.

After installing graph-tool within Colab in the usual way my main script
goes as follows...

Dear Edgar,

Unfortunately this is bug in colab, and there is nothing much that can
be done.

Apparently they just switched from 3.6 to 3.7, even though the
underlying OS (Ubuntu bionic) still has 3.6 as default. This means that
every compiled Python module (cairo, GTK, etc) can only imported from
3.6, not 3.7.


Dear Tiago,

Thank you for the reply!

Graph-tool was really good to work within Colab. I have a feeling there
are many more who will be suddenly in the wild now.

hoping there is a work around or at least Colab lets one use 3.6 if they
wish to considering what you say about not being able to use any compiled
Python modules on their machines.

Thank you so much,