Ubuntu package registry distribution

I’m trying to install the graph-tool package on Ubuntu in an automated process. In this situation, it is not feasible for me to configure the separate upstream repository, I need to use the standard Ubuntu package repository.
The installation instructions mentions that this might be possible:

apt-get install python3-graph-tool

However, this doesn’t work for me, because I am using Ubuntu jammy, which is the current latest LTS release. When I check the Ubuntu package registry, I can see why it doesn’t work: the package is being distributed only to lunar, mantic, and noble. None of these is an LTS release. As a test, I spun up one of these images and I could see that I could run the installation without issues and without adding any additional upstream repository.

My question is: would you consider changing the distribution of the Ubuntu package to register it at least into one of the LTS releases? I.e. at least into Jammy at this point in time? That would make it more convenient for users to be able to perform installation without having to add an upstream repository.

This is not my decision. The official Ubuntu package is not maintained by myself, but by Ubuntu developers.

Furthermore, jammy or other LTS releases are frozen. They cannot have any new packages added to their official repository — they only have bug fixes. This is what LTS means, and this is why these releases do not have many recent packages.

I was under the assumption your build/release pipeline has some configuration to push builds to the official Ubuntu repos, but I understand now that this is not the case. Instead, I assume that your own pipeline pushes the releases to your own repository. If I do want to install the package, I’ll have to configure that repository.

Thanks for the information!

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