Smoothing edge connections

Hi All,

I'm trying to make the output of my graph-tool drawings a little more
pretty. At the moment, if I have two thick edges that intersect at an
angle other than 0°, there is some uglyness at the corners; see: and

It may be worth mentioning that I'm manually setting vertex positions
(by specifying `pos` in my graph_draw call).

I've mentioned this on the #cairo IRC channel, and they suggest it may
be because graph-tool is considering each edge as a seperate line,
rather than being part of a larger path - could you confirm that this is
the case? It was also suggested that I changing the line caps
(presumably to have rounded ends) would solve it - does the API exposed
by graph-tool allow this? In cairo, it would be a call to

Many thanks,

graph-tool was not really designed to make this sort of drawing. Making
the edges being part of a larger path would require a major redesign.

Although it would be possible to implement line caps easily, it would
not entirely solve your problem. I think the most straightforward thing
for you to consider is to actually draw the nodes with circle shapes of
the appropriate size, with the same color as the edges. This should
remove a large portion of the raggedness...