Publications using graph-tool


I have a rather silly question but I hope it will not hinder anyone from

I have been having difficulties finding publications which use graph-tool
and apply it for researching a network (not for comparison with other
methods or for developing their own method). Does anyone have any link to
such applications?

I am interested in how people discuss/observe network properties or validate
their observation of hierarchical block models.


I'd also like to know.

Besides Tiago's papers nothing comes to mind.

Why don't we report here in which works we've used gt?

I have no papers to report yet.


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Google scholar is your friend:

The wikipedia page has some old references too:



Thank you for your useful suggestions. I should have been more precise in my
question and mention that I am interested in studies which performed
community detection using the SBM/nested SBM and present
characteristics/validation of the groups found, discuss the stability of the
structures detected and how much detail do they include about number of
iterations, chosen parameters, behaviour of entropy given different edge
weights distributions etc.

Many of the studies citing graph-tool used it for visualisation, network
construction, network characteristics calculation so I was hoping someone
had some suggestions about more detailed studies using the SBM modelling. I
looked through which studies cite different papers behind graph-tool not
only graph-tool itself for example

I have to say some studies were very interesting and I will mention them
here in case anyone is interested. I just wish some more details were given
about the optimisation process.

If anyone finds other notable studies please reply.