Problem on bipartite-networks with label

I am using [SBMtopicmodeling]( to inference partition on bipartite networks

After a recent graph-tool update I noticed there is a problem with **state_args** in minimize_nested_blockmodel_dl

step to reproduce:
given a trivial bi-partite network, with VertexProperty **kind** that imposes the bi-partition

clabel = g.vp['kind']
state_args = {}
state = gt.minimize_nested_blockmodel_dl(g, state_args=state_args)

finds partitions

but when I impose bi-partition

clabel = model.g.vp['kind']
state_args = {'clabel': clabel, 'pclabel': clabel}
state = gt.minimize_nested_blockmodel_dl(g, state_args=state_args)

it fails to find any partition.

What could be the problem?

Dear Filippo,

This has been fixed in the newest release (2.41), thanks for the bug report.

(In the future, it is enough just to open an issue in the website, as
you did. There is no need to post an additional message to the mailing