Please participate in a research survey on graphs


My name is Siddhartha Sahu and I am a Master's student at University of
Waterloo working on graph processing with Prof. Semih Salihoglu. As part of
my research, I am running a survey on how graphs are used in the industry
and academia.

If you work on any kind of graph technology, please participate in the

*Survey link*:

The survey will take about *5-10 minutes* to finish. Most of the questions
are *multiple-choice questions*, and you can *skip any number of questions*.

I would really appreciate if you filled out my survey :slight_smile:
Also, kindly forward the survey to any one else you know who also works on
graph processing.

Our goal is to help researchers who work on graph processing understand the
types of data, computations, and software that are used in practice. We
hope the information we can gather from participation in this survey can
guide the research people like ourselves do in universities. We plan to
share the information we gather from the survey with the wider research
community through a publication.

This survey has been reviewed and received ethics clearance through a
University of Waterloo Research Ethics Committee. You will see that the
first page of the survey contains a long consent page as required by the

Thank you very much in advance for your support.

Siddhartha Sahu

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