Parallel algorithms in graph-tool

Hi Rui.

How did you download the patch? Did you get it from the link below?

Be careful not do download html...

But notice also that you should try the patch in the _source_ directory
of GCC, which is not installed by default on any system (I know of). You
have to download the code from the GCC website, unpack it, apply the
patch, and follow the compile instructions. Take a look at:

It's not a trivial task, I'm afraid... Once they fix the bug mentioned
in the page, everything should be very straightforward. Hopefully
they'll include this patch (or something equivalent) in GCC 4.3.


Hi Tiago,

Hummm... building gcc sounds like too much work.
I had a look at the bug and at the planned changes in gcc-4.3 and there's no mention of correcting the bug. What a shame!

Anyway, many thanks for getting back on this.