OpenMP support on Ubuntu Raring


has the package for Ubuntu Raring been compiled with OpenMP support? I
wanted to compute betweenness centrality in parallel on a machine with 8
cores, but only one was being used. Fetching the source package and
compiling it explicitly with OpenMP support has solved the issue..



It should have been compiled with openmp... I'll verify this, and if
necessary fit it for the next release.

thank you very much for your reply Tiago.

unfortunately, I'm having the same issue on a 12.04 machine too: the
pre-compiled version of graphtool fetched from the repository does not run
betweenness centrality in parallel. Manually compiling the library solves
the issue.

At this point I believe there's probably something wrong (and stupid) I'm
doing somewhere.. I would past you my python code but it won't be of much
help since it does not really do much other than reading the graph and
calling gt.betweenness() with my graph and my edge weights map.

maybe there's some issue with the way I installed the library? Should I
install the python-graph-tool package too?

thank you again,


You should _only_ install the python-graph-tool package, since it
replaces the old graph-tool package entirely. The graph-tool package is
an older version, which indeed was not compiled with openmp enabled.