openmp_enabled() returns False.


I use graph-tool on MacBookPro 13-inch, 2018(intel).

I installed graph-tool by running `brew install graph-tool`
I expected using openMP, but it seems disable.
To use openMP on MacOS, should I do something?
I already installed gcc and libomp.

The following is my environment:

   - MacBookPro 13-inch, 2018
   - 2.7 GHz quad core Intel Core i7
   - MacOS Monterey (12.3.1)
   - Libraries
      - jypyterlab: 2.1.0
      - python: 3.9.12
      - graph-tool: 2.44

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Dear Naoki,

This is best addressed by opening an issue with the homebrew project,
which packages graph-tool. The packaging should be changed to enable
openmp by default.