OMP support in graph-tool

Quick question: which functions/methods support OMP in graph-tool?

Whenever a function supports OpenMP, it is said in the documentation. For example, the docstring of pagerank() says:

If enabled during compilation, this algorithm runs in parallel.

If no statement of this kind exists, then the function runs only serially.

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So, for example, nothing that deals with MCMC has support for parallel execution. I know I knocked on this once, when I was asking for GPU support. You answered that the MCMC part would be quite difficult to parallelize. I was looking around and stumbled into this

Do you think that something similar could be introduced in graph-tool?

This is a difficult problem. MCMC parallelization only works cleanly when the posterior factorizes. Otherwise, there is a shared global state, and trivial parallelization becomes impossible. There are possible heuristic ways to move forward, but no clear solution. This is something that is always on my mind, but I currently don’t know yet how to solve well.

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