Missing Example in Flow Algorithms?

Greetings everyone, I just began to check this awesome module for Graphs in
Python and I'm interested in Flow algorithms, specifically the Minimum S-T
cut one, however I don't know if the example for the final two algorithms:
"graph_tool.flow.min_st_cut" and "graph_tool.flow.min_cut" is missing or
something, since they both load this specific graph example: g =

But after checking the website I cannot find it, or see how it was created
like the previous example for the other flow graphs: "flow-example.xml.gz".

This is one of my first times in the pages, so I ask for forgiveness if I
missed it, but the reason I ask here is because I didn't find it.

Thanks in advance!

Indeed this is a bug in the documentation. The file is indeed missing.
Thanks for spotting it!

Please open an issue in the website, and I'll fix it for the next release.


Hello Tiago! First of all thanks for the very fast response! I highly
appreciate it.

I tried to go the website in order to create an issue but it appears that I
cannot post an issue/have access to it.

It may be related to the specific website permission, so I hope that another
person who has access can post the issue in order for it to get fixed!

Thanks again, Samuel.

It's a public website, but you need to login. You can use your account
on google, github, etc, or you can create a new one.