minimize_nested_blockmodel_dl got an unexpected keyword argument 'multilevel_mcmc_args'


I have a question about minimize_nested_blockmodel_dl(). The below is my code:

state_args = {'clabel': node_types, 'pclabel': node_types}
multilevel_mcmc_args = {'niter': niter, 'beta': beta}
state = gt.minimize_nested_blockmodel_dl(
        deg_corr = True,
        overlap = False,
        state_args = state_args,
        multilevel_mcmc_args = multilevel_mcmc_args

And I encountered an error that "minimize_nested_blockmodel_dl got an unexpected keyword argument 'multilevel_mcmc_args'". I removed "multilevel_mcmc_args" and it works. And I also tried example "minimize_blockmodel_dl(G, multilevel_mcmc_args=dict(B_min=4, B_max=4))" in and I encountered the same error. I took a look of the source code of graph-tool and I did not find where is the problem. Could you please help me about it? Thanks!


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