Migrating from mailing-list

This forum (“category”) has been migrated from the mailing list at https://archives.skewed.de/hyperkitty/list/graph-tool@skewed.de/

All subscribed users are now “staged users” of this forum. This means that their identity can be claimed simply by creating an account with the same mail.

Staged users do not have to create an account. They can post directly to the category by email via graph-tool@skewed.de. Replies will also be sent via email, which users can also reply via email — thus mimicking how a mailing list work.

This is the same for all users, regardless if they are staged or not. Users can disable emails at any time if they so wish.

IMPORTANT: Staged users will not receive email notifications for new topics posted by other users. If you wish this, then you need to open an account. Likewise, normal users need to watch the category to receive such notifications.

(Emailing to the old mailing list has been disabled; all messages posted there will come to here automatically. The mailing list archives are still available, but have been mirrored here.)