Make error when looking for


I recently had to repartition my hard-drive and went with the new Ubuntu
build. I have spent the last many few hours trying to build graph-tool with
all of the correct dependencies. I thought I had made it as the make file
was being prepared, however, while it was "Making all in draw" I got the
following error:
/bin/grep: /home/getzinmw/anaconda3/lib/ No such file or
/bin/sed: can't read /home/getzinmw/anaconda3/lib/ No such
file or directory
libtool: error: '/home/getzinmw/anaconda3/lib/' is not a
valid libtool archive

I have done quite a bit of digging and it seems like, despite having file(s) the libtool archive that it is looking for does not

Can you help me get past this?

Thanks in advance...Sorry for an inconvenience.

This is clearly a problem with your anaconda installation, and it has
absolutely nothing to do with graph-tool.

You should consult with the maintainer of whatever package that is
responsible for the libsigc library.