Installation on MacOS

Dear Tiago,

Thanks for building this wonderful package!

As a novice in Python I'm struggling to install this package- My operating
system is MacOS and I installed graph-tool via Homebrew.

It seems the installation was successful. When compiling, the command
'./configure' doesn't work, could you please give the further instructions?

Many thanks,

Dear Yingjie,

If you installed via homebrew, there is no need to compile. You can just
import the module and start using it.


Dear Tiago,

Thanks for your quick reply! I'm afraid I still can't import it directly in
jupyter notebook or Spyder (installed via anaconda), could you help me with

Best wishes,

You have to use the Python interpreter installed by homebrew, which is
different from the one you install using anaconda.

You should install jupyter, spyder, etc using homebrew (not anaconda)
and use that.


Dear Tiago,

I have successfully imported graph tool in jupyter notebook, but when I use
graph_draw there is no plot produced. Could you please help me figure it


If you use the "output" option the function draws to the specified file,
not to the screen. If you want to output to the screen you have to omit
the "output" option.

Yeah that works! Thank you very much for your help!

Best wishes,


I downloaded Python with homebrew, then downloaded graph-tool using homebrew
as well, then downloaded jupyter with homebrew and opened a notebook and ran
'from graph_tool.all import *'.

However, I still get the error message

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'graph_tool'

What should I do?