install graph tool in Centos 7

hello, every one
I want to install graph tool in CentOs 7, but graph tool has too many dependencies.
Such as boost, the Centos 7 default repo only provide version 1.53, but graph tool requires 1.54
And centos 7 does not provide CGAL at all.
So I want to ask you, does anyboy have installed graph tool in centos7, which repo do you use?
I really do not want to compile all the dependencies through source code, it is a tough work!
Simply using yum command is perfect!
Many thanks.

Zhao Jun

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You might try the epel repositories to complete the dependencies. These are
the packages available in fedora repackaged for centos.

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I compiled graph tool and most of its dependencies on Cent OS 6.5, and
uploaded the binaries to anaconda:
If you are using the anaconda python distribution (which I highly
recommend), you can install graph-tool by typing:

conda config --add channels ostrokach
conda install graph-tool

I only tested it on Ubuntu 14.04, but it should work...

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Thanks, but it seems that epel only supports boost 1.53, but graph tool needs 1.54

Zhao Jun

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I compiled boost 1.58 and many other dependencies; they would get installed
automatically into your conda environment when you type `conda install
graph-tool`. Alternatively, you can compile everything from scratch using
these conda recipes: Type
`conda build graph-tool` and it will start compiling graph-tool together
with all dependencies, including boost.

You can have a separate boost installation in your conda environment, and
it will not conflict with the version of boost installed on your system. I
don't see the problem with EPEL only supporting boost 1.53? I run
graph-tool on HPC clusters with different operating systems, and it seems
to work fine.

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Many thanks, I will try.
And yesterday I have installed Ubuntu 14.04 in my Workstation.
Many thanks.

Zhao Jun

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