ImportError: No module named graph_tool.all

Hi I'm very new at Python, sorry for the basic questions.

I just installed graph-tool in the terminal and it worked well. Now I'm
using spyder for python but whenever I write from graph_tool.all import * it
gives me the error ImportError: No module named graph_tool.all.

I wrote export PYTHONPATH=/usr/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/ in the
terminal and then I installed graph-tool in the terminal again with sudo
port install py-graph-tool and I got
---> Computing dependencies for py-graph-tool
---> Cleaning py-graph-tool
---> Scanning binaries for linking errors: 100.0%
---> No broken files found.

However the problem is still there. Should I change something in sypder or
in the terminal?


This is most likely just a configuration issue with Spyder. You should
configure it to use the correct python interpreter, i.e. not the one
that comes with the system, but the one installed via macports.


Thanks Tiago,

Do you know where can I change it and also where to find the right python
interpreter installed by macports.

Thanks you very much!

2014-05-24 5:16 GMT-07:00 Tiago Peixoto [via Main discussion list for the
graph-tool project] <ml-node+s982480n4025534h53(a)>:

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I've never used spyder, so I can't help you there... There probably is
some documentation.

The python interpreter used by macports is usually in /usr/local/bin,
but could change depending on how it is configured.