How to control the orientation of the graph topology

Hi Tiago,

sometimes, when delete the graph and create a new one, then plot it, the
plotted graph is shown upside down (in terms of the node text). So how could
we control the orientation of the graph? Or which parameter we should use to
always make node text shown in a correct orientation. Thanks a lot.

I'm not sure I understand. Can you provide an example?


I can explain a bit. Using your graph_draw() has no problem, however, when I
include the GraphWidget in the window of myself, after plotting a graph with
specifying node text, the whole graph is upside down, I have to turn 180
degree of the graph.

Well, I've never encountered this problem before, and I don't know what
may be causing it. Without a concrete example, I cannot investigate.


This shows the issue:

Here is example code which shows the issue: