how to access Source Network file: pgp.xml.gz?

Is there an alternate link for the Source Network file ( pgp.xml.gz<; )
for the performance test at
When I try the current link, it just gives me a webpage with content as
below, but no working links:

Performance: pgp.xml.gz
File pgp.xml.gz, 2.0 MB (added by tiago peixoto, 6 months ago)

Strongly connected component of the PGP network circa 2009.

HTML preview not available, since the file size exceeds 262144 bytes. Try
downloading the file instead.
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Thanks for fixing the link. I can now download the 12MB file, but still
can't load it in graph-tool (after extracting to pgp.xml):
Also, it doesn't appear to be in xml, but rather a binary file.

g = load_graph("pgp.xml")

  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/graph_tool/", line
1939, in load_graph
    g.load(file_name, fmt, ignore_vp, ignore_ep, ignore_gp)
  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/graph_tool/", line
1695, in load
    ignore_ep, ignore_gp)
IOError: error reading from file 'pgp.xml':basic_ios::clear

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It is a _gzipped_ xml file... Either save it as .xml.gz or unzip it,
before trying to load it.


Yes, I did that (used gunzip), it gave the error I noted. Could you post
the xml file itself in a reply here? thanks.

attachment.html (890 Bytes)

OK, I got it to work. Sorry.
For some reason i had to gunzip it twice, that is: gunzip pgp.xml.gz to
pgp.xml, then rename pgp.xml to pgp.xml.gz and gunzip that.

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I don't really understand why it would be "double-zipped"... I tried
downloading it myself, and it seems normally "single-zipped".