How can I extract the positions of the nodes and edges of the dendrogram obtained from minimize_nested_blockmodel_dl?

I'm trying to create an interactive web plot with the result obtained form minimize_nested_blockmodel_dl.
Until now, I'm able to draw the edges and nodes positions in webgl. However, I have a issue.
How can I get the node positions and edges from the dendrogram graph?

graph-tool result
webgl result

state = gt.inference.minimize.minimize_nested_blockmodel_dl(g,
pos, tg, tpos = state.draw(**options)

# beizer control points
cts = gt.draw.get_hierarchy_control_points(g, tg, tpos)

This is given by the "tg" (a graph representing the hierarchy tree) and
"tpos" parameters above (the position of the tree nodes).