graph_union issue


I am trying to do the union of 3 different geometric_graph.
This is what I wrote:

from graph_tool.all import *
from gi.repository import Gtk, Gdk
import numpy as np

# M networks with N total vertices
N = 1500
M = 3

G = Graph(directed=False)
for i in range(M):
        points = np.column_stack([np.random.random(N//M) * 100, i * 100 / M
+ np.random.random(N//M) * 100 / M])
        G = graph_union(G, geometric_graph(points, 0.3))

pos = sfdp_layout(G)
totdeg = G.degree_property_map("total")
win = GraphWindow(G, pos, geometry=(1000, 1000), vertex_size=totdeg)
win.connect("delete_event", Gtk.main_quit)

When I try to run this, I get the following error:
in graph_union
intersection = g2.new_vertex_property("int64_t", -1)
AttributeError: 'tuple' object has no attribute 'new_vertex_property'

Actually I have no idea how to solve this error, I used the grap_union
function before in the same way but the graphs type were:
Graph(directed=False) and random_graph().
Does anyone run this error?

Please read the documentation carefully. The function geometric_graph()
returns two values: the graph itself, and a property map with the node
positions. You want to pass only the first returned value to graph_union().


Yeah, right now I've understood the problem and I've solved it. Thank you!!