Graph-Tool Windows-Usage

Hi all,

I am a PhD-student who wants to perform some network analyses using this
Graph-Tool library.
Unfortunately I only have access to a Windows 10 PC and no Mac OS or Linux
device. I also cannot install another operating system on my computer.

I tried the installation via Docker as described in the documentation,
however, this is not working as Docker requires me to have an enterprise
version of windows which I dont have either..

Furthermore, all articles on Nabble are from some years ago. So maybe there
are some new updates to the windows-issue in the meantime?
Would appreciate any help for setting up...

Thanks in advance and kind regards,

Graph-tool is not supported natively on Windows, since it would require
a redesign of the C++ modular structure.

Your only options are:

   1. Docker
   2. Installing GNU/Linux on virtual machine (e.g. VirtualBox)
   3. Using the Ubuntu userspace for windows, see e.g.

I don't have experience with any of these options, since I never use


You can try using linux subsystem for windows, which is basically Ubuntu

attachment.html (1.69 KB)

Would that mean that I can use Ubuntu just like a "normal application" on my
windows PC or would I have to swich the operating system on my PC ? Or in
other words. Is it possible to use it in parallel to my normal windows usage

Sorry for that maybe dumb question, i am not that much into software and
computer technics..

However, thank you both for your quick replies!