Graph-tool support on apple silicon ARM

Dear community/Tiago,

Please could you advise if the current graph-tool builds are supported on the Apple silicon ARM chips? Apologies if this has already been answered elsewhere.

Many thanks.

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Hi James,

Did you try with homebrew? M1 seems to be supported


I have not tried it myself, but many thanks for the recommendation. I was keen to see if anyone in the community knew and had got it working, as before upgrading a machine to the new chips it is good to know if graph-tool - integral to our research - shall be usable!


I don't use apple products so unfortunately cant say that I've tested
it. Looking further in homebrew you can find that graph-tool is
labeled as supported on "Apple Silicon" however if you rather
prefer to test it before buying a new machine there are cloud services
with M1 for CI/CD.


Excellent find - really helpful - thank you! :slight_smile: