Graph-tool’s installation on Ubuntu with Python2.7 version

Hi Tiago,

There are some problems I have got, My operating system is Ubuntu20.04, Python’s version is Python2.7.18. My Project must based on this Python 2.7 environment, but when I installed the graph-tool,I find that there is no appropriate graph-tool version base on Python2.7. I have used three ways such as conda、Ubuntu and Manual compilation installation instructions provided on the graph-tool‘s official website,but they all need to have Python version 3 or above. So I failed to install graph-tool on my Ubuntu with Python2.7 version.
Do you have method to help me success install the graph-tool on my Ubuntu with Python2.7 version?I will be very grateful and look forward to your reply~


Unfortunately, Python 2.7 is no longer supported. You need Python 3 to install graph-tool.