Graph tool Maximum cardinality Matching error


This email is in reference to the thread:

As I had said earlier, I cannot share my code with you. I have instead
saved and attached the graph with this email. I am not able to run the
optimal maximum matching algorithm on this graph. However, I am able to run
the heuristic algorithm. I would like to run the optimal algorithm as well.
Please let me know if there is some error with this graph format or if
there is some error with the library itself.

Code to reproduce:
from graph_tool.all import Graph, load_graph
graph = load_graph("temp.xml.gz")
max_cardinality_matching(graph, weight=graph.edge_properties["weight"],
bipartite=False, heuristic=False, edges=True)

I'm sorry I couldn't reply to the thread itself as I wasn't able to figure
out a way to attach a file to the existing thread.

Thanks and Regards
Chaitanya Agarwal

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temp.xml.gz (2.49 MB)