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I know this is a bit off topic, but it might be related to graph-tool also
there might be someone here who could help me. I need all the planar graphs
that are 4-regular (in the meaning that every vertex has a degree 4) but
each graph is allowed to have double edges (not triple or more) also an
edge can connect to the same vertex. I couldn't find any database that
could give these to me so probably I will have to generate them for myself.
Any idea of how could I do this with graph-tool? I know how can I check
weather these graphs are planar or not, but the rest seems very
complicated. Any help is very much appreciated.


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Are you sure that that wouldn't work wth Neo4j? How large is your dataset?

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I don't have a dataset, I'm trying to generate or find one that is complete
up to a number of vertices. For example there is only one graph that is 4
regular and has 1 vertex and it look like '00', for 2 vertices there are:
'00 00' , '0=0' and the one 4 connections in between the 2 vertices which I
don't know how to represent here. I was hoping to find a database for these
graphs, but is seems like everything I could find is for simple graphs,
which don't include self connections or multiple edges, but I need them, so
I thought I could generate these with graph tools, just up to maybe 5 or 6
vertices so that it won't take forever but still have some data. I don't
think I can find such a thing in Neo4j, I couldn't find a way to access
their database and even if I did, I don't know weather it's complete or
not. Maybe I wasn't clear the first time. Thank you for your advice though,
it's appreciated.


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Well, Neo4j has support for self-connections and multiple edges at least. How to generate all the graphs is then logic that you will still have to implement in Python or similar. But the query language of Neo4j is pretty versatile already (Cypher)

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