Four-color problem :-)

Again, this is not possible to say if you will not show us what you are
doing. I don't even know what function you are calling. Is it
graph_draw() or NestedBlockState.draw() [guessing from the figure you sent]?

The problem could be anywhere from a typo in your code to a bug in the
library, and it's impossible to say without context. Please try to
understand this.

But if the question is simply: "Does graph-tool add random colors and
ignores my input per design?", then the answer is no. It's just hard to
see how this question is useful to you.


Thanks Tiago.
This 'no' answer is the first data point I needed.
I will continue to investigate. If necessary I will send a simplest possible sample (assuming I don't find the answer while building the sample...)

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