Finding all subgraphs

Is there a fast way to obtain all instances (not only counts) of
connected subgraphs of a certain size using graph_tool? I have tried
using subgraph_isomorphism but it is quite slow. I was wondering if one
could use the motif method, which seems to be much faster, to get



Currently, it is not possible to obtain the actual motif mappings with
graph-tool. Note that the actual motif graphs are returned, but not
their positions within the main graph. It would be possible to return
this as well. If you are interested, open a ticket requesting this, and
I'll implement it as time permits.

Note also that the motif and subgraph isomorphism return different
things. Motifs are _induced_ subgraphs of a given size, i.e., if there
is an additional edge between in the subgraph, it is _not_ considered a