Error building graph-tool against Boost 1.53 on Ubuntu 12.04 x86-64 and g++-4.6.3

I'm trying to build graph-tool but can't figure out how to solve a
compilation error that I get everytime.
I think it is related to a bug in Boost, but I have downloaded and compiled
the latest Boost (1.57) in a staged folder in home

Here are my specs:

1) Downloaded and extracted Boost 1.53 in my home folder
2) Compiled Boost in ~/boost_1_53_0
3) Checked that is working fine, when linking against other projects I have.

4) Downloaded graph-tool 2.2.35 in ~/graph-tool-2.2.35
5) export BOOST_ROOT=~/boost_1_57_0/
5) ./configure --with-boost=$BOOST_ROOT
6) Configuration OK!
7) make

And I'm stuck with this error: error: 'vf2_subgraph_mono' was not
declared in this scope

As well as many other errors. So I've changed boost to the latest 1.57 and a
plenty of other errors appears, in particular this error appeared that seems
to be unsolvable.

Now the question is: what is a suitable configuration of Boost and compiler
on Ubuntu 12.04 in order to compile graph-tool?

The minimum requirements are (as stated in

  1. GCC, version 4.8 or above (version 4.9 is recommended).

  2. The Boost libraries, version 1.54 or above.

Anything below that will simply not work.