Enhancing Overlapping Community Detection Documentation


I am working on detecting overlapping communities using the graph-tool library, specifically with the minimize_blockmodel_dl function.

While the documentation provides a solid starting point, I faced some challenges with properly extracting and visualizing overlapping communities.

I want to know could the documentation include more detailed examples on handling overlapping communities ? Focusing on how to correctly extract community memberships from the OverlapBlockState?

Are there any practices for visualizing overlapping communities in a way that clearly distinguishes nodes belonging to multiple communities?

These improvements could help users better understand and utilize the powerful features of graph-tool. Referred Quick start guide — graph-tool 2.68 documentation guide .

Looking forward to your feedback and suggestions!

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I removed a link to a course advertisement from your post. Please don’t do that.

If you could explain more concretely what kind of difficulties you had, it would be helpful.