Edge weights interpretation

Hi, sorry to bother… I have a question.
I know that in general edge weights can be considered as a traversing cost or as the link’s strength between nodes.
In Dijkstra’s shortest path for example weights are considered as a cost so it searches for the path with the smallest sum of weights. I’m interested in using eigenvector, betweenness, pagerank and clustering coefficient. Do all of those consider weights as a cost? If yes is there a parameter or something to choose how to interpret it? I’m not sure about what I’m thinking but, considering the weight as a strength and having the algorithms interpreting it as a cost, the node with lowest value (not equal to 0) can be considered the strongest?

Thanks in advance

Edit: I believe no because edges with bigger weights are avoided by Dijkstra

There’s no universal interpretation for what edge weights mean. All these algorithms interpret them differently.