Drawing labels into state object

I am trying to to plot a Chord diagram using the nested model, and I would like to add labels to the nodes. However the state.draw() method doesn't all directly to have passed the labels. How can I use the graph_draw() method to embed both my state and labels.

labels I would like to add (here I am writing only two) are stored in the array vprop_label (loaded as a csv file or hardcoded).
This is how I am collecting the data, how do I pass vprops to state alternatively?:

from graph_tool.all import *
import matplotlib

file_name = 'filename.csv'# where I have the edges

g = load_graph_from_csv(file_name, directed=False, skip_first=False, csv_options={'delimiter': ','})

vprop_label = g.new_vertex_property("string")

vprop_label[0] = "vertex one"

vprop_label[1] = "vertex two"

vprops = {'labels' : vprop_label}

state = minimize_nested_blockmodel_dl(g)

state.draw(output="my_fit.svg" )

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