display_props for draw_hierarchy?


I'd like to be able to interactively identify vertices in the graph window
produced by draw_hierarchy. I've used display_props to do this with normal
graph windows but since the graph shown by draw_hierarchy is different from
the original (the one passed to minimize_nested_blockmodel_dl), this
doesn't seem possible - or am I missing something?


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The graph is indeed different, but shares the same vertex and edge
indexes with the original one, hence it should be possible to pass
display_props normally, like you do with graph_draw().


Hm, I tried that, but it was giving me wrong results. Also, the first
property map returned by draw_hierarchy did not seem to have the correct
vertex positions, either. Maybe because the graph passed to
minimize_nested_blockmodel_dl is a view? I'll try using a non-view graph.


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This is quite possibly the reason...