Change point detection: Inferring the mesoscale structure of layered, edge-valued, and time-varying networks


In the paper "Inferring the mesoscale structure of layered, edge-valued, and
time-varying networks", you described the procedure of finding change points
in layered networks. I am wondering if this function is implemented in the
graph-tool library? I can't seem to find this implementation in the

Many thanks.

Unfortunately, this is not currently automatized in graph_tool. It has
been in my todo list for a long time, but I never manage to get to it.

Dear Tiago,

Thanks very much for your response. In this case, is there a manual way to
achieve the task? In the paper it was mentioned that change point detection
is essentially looking for the suitable binning of the layered graph, where
we would use the set the time points as the edge covariates. I can't seem to
find the corresponding function to perform binning of layered graphs by edge
covariates. Would you kindly show me the appropriate function for this task?

Many thanks.

As I said before, this is not yet implemented. You will have to do the
binning yourself. But it's not that difficult...