best way to identify groups in weighted graph

Good evening,

My interrogation is quite vague… Also the answer is clearly data dependant
and so it may be irritating. If so I apologize for it.

I am trying to find a suitable way to identify groups in a graph with nodes
connected with weighted edges.
As I want the process to be as “flexible“ as possible I planed to use MCL
algorithm ( Also I planed to neglect weak weghted
edges (with an offset) befor perfoming the calculation an set a limite to
the number of Expantion/Inflation process...

I wonder if you have any advice better idea or warning with this ?

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The MCL algorithm is not implemented in graph-tool.

What is implemented is statistical inference approach based on weighted
stochastic block models as explained in the documentation:

Thank you,
I will read this closely
Have a nice day