Animations with changing topology

I need to create an interactive animation that shows a continuously updated force-directed graph that starts empty and adds nodes and edges as specified by a process - with each new node causing the force equilibrium to adjust to a new set of positions to incorporate the new node.

Is there an example that anyone has seen or could provide which would the simplest idle-loop watching a queue (or other mechanism) for new items, and adding nodes and edges in a continuous interactive force-directed graph animation?

Thank you!
(Caleb Howard)

I have had some success with this, and am continuing. Here is the code I have set up:

I now have the question as to why the vertex and edge label text is rendered upside down, and what I can do about that. I have found the "vertex_rotation" vertex property which I can set to pi radians to turn it right-side up, but I can find no way to make the edge-labels render right-side up.


The code below works well enough for my needs, but shows the upside-down edge text.