all_paths seems to repeat identical paths

Hi JeanPierre,

It's impossible to say much without a reproducible example, including the
graph you used.

My first guess is that your graph contains parallel edges...


Hello Tiago

I appreciate you prompt response.
By construction the graph cannot have parallel edges.
As the graph itself is too big, I have assembled a small sample (grf_sx.txt) which I processed with then paths_from_to() from
The result is in pathsample.txt
(I have also included lists of vertices and edges with their betweenness and their in- & out- degrees:
I note that the number of edges is 37435 while the input had 39917 entries. I haven't figured out why)
Thanks for your help :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello again Tiago:

I feel foolish. When I looked closely at what I sent you I realised that my initial data had multiple edges from the start. I have to figure this out first before I bother you. So please ignore my previous mail..,

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Hello Tiago

Another question, hope

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Hello Tiago

Another quest

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