3D models and graphs

Heyo! A little bit off-topic, so I chose “General” as the category. If you wanted to create a 3D graph (vertices given by x,y,z coordinates for example), what library would you use? As far as I know, visualizing a 3D graph is not possible in graph-tool (according to Large Graph Visualization - #4 by tiago), and I do not believe it is possible to create graphs with x,y,z coordinate value assigned to each vertex (correct me if I’m wrong).

In Google, I’ve found some possibilities, like jgraph, or 3d-force-graph, all of which use WebGL (with Three.js), however it’s not quite for what I wish to use it. I’d like to do is construct a graph, then save it as a 3D model. Perfect would be to export it into .FBX or .OBJ file format, as Unreal Engine and Blender can work with them.

Indeed, the force directed layouts in graph-tool only work in 2D. I have very little experience with 3D visualization of this kind, so I can’t give you much help.