By programmatically I just mean passing coordinates to a function like graph-draw.  But does graph_draw() accept z coordinates, or only (x,y) coordinates?  I assume it is only (x,y) since you say that graph-tool does not have 3D visualization.  I suppose I could write code to project a 3d set of nodes onto a 2d plane, and then alter node sizes to add the effect of perspective.  But I am hoping to find a program that does this natively and quickly for large graphs.

Thanks again!

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On 05/09/2014 07:25 PM, codejon wrote:
> Thanks for your reply Tiago.  I do appreciate that I won't be able to see
> much structure in my graph using something like a spring layout, and a
> hierarchical layout would be better for exposing interesting features of the
> graph structure.  However I would also like to have the ability to assign
> three dimensional (x,y,z) node coordinates to each node.  This is because
> each node in my graph corresponds to a measure position in the brain.
> Surprisingly it's been hard to find graph visualization software that allows
> the user to specify node positions programmatically for large graphs.  Does
> graph-tool allow the user to do this?

Graph-tool does not have any 3D visualization routines.

But what do you mean with specifying the node positions
'programmatically'?  In graph tool you can pass any position property
map to the graph_draw() function...


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