Hi Ale


Attached is the copy of the log


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Ni! Hi Ganesh,


`./configure` generates a file called "config.log" when run, that is the file you want to transmit when asking for help. A copy/paste of your terminal is not nearly as useful.


Meanwhile, I assume you passed the parameter " --with-cgal=/usr/local/" to `./configure`, is that right ?










On Thu, Jun 21, 2018 at 4:23 PM, Srinivasamoorthy, Ganesh (CDC/OID/NCEZID) (CTR) <xei6@cdc.gov> wrote:

I installed CGAL from source and it installed at /usr/local/include/CGAL/ Then when I try to build graph-tools (both 2.26 and the source from git) give me CGAl not found error. They do seem to be checking in the /usr/local directory but don't seem to find it..I have attached a log.


Is there something I should keep in mind while installing CGAL ?

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