Hi Guys

I am trying to remove edges from my graph.

I first copy my graph:
gCopy = g.copy()
pCopy = gCopy.new_edge_property("double")

then I go through the edges in the original graph to check for a particular property:
for j, e in enumerate(g.edges():
    src = e.source()
    tgt = e.target()

When a certain value for the property map of the original graph is found I use:
if p[e] > value:
    print pCopy.a
    print pCopy.a

When I look at pCopy.a I see that the array does not shorten and that 0 values remain.
These values do not show up when I use:
for e in gCopy.edges():
    print pCopy[e]

I can still find these values, however, when I use
for e in g.edges():
    print pCopy[e]

I want to use this array in the max flow algorithm and it complains:
res = gt.edmonds_karp_max_flow(gCopy, src, tgt, pCopy)
res.a = pCopy.a - res.a
ValueError: operands could not be broadcast together with shapes (17,) (32,)

Is there any way I can remove the zero values from pCopy.a?