Hi everyone,

this might be easily solved, but anyways:

I have been thinking whether there is a fast way of retrieving property map values of subsets of nodes? I mean the following: let's say I have a property map A, defined for all vertices of graph G. Now, lets say I have a vertex iterator V that spans a subset of all nodes of G. Is there now a fast way, to a) read and b) eventually change the values in A of all nodes in V, e.g. to do something like A[V] and to get an array back, like in A.a ....

Of course, iterating or map would be obvious options, but take eventually a lot of time. Another idea I had was, let's say the property map is an internal property map, to use vertex_filter and then get A.a. But what if the property map is not internal?

I am happy about your thoughts.