I'll dive into it,

Hope your talk is filmed! Any plan to come to EuroScipPy?


Le 06/04/2015 11:10, Tiago de Paula Peixoto a écrit :
On 06.04.2015 08:54, Guillaume Gay wrote:
Hi all,

I'm using graph-tool to model mesh-like elements (cells in a
biological tissue). As the model evolves towards more complicated
geometries, I'd very much like to access some of the underlying GCAL
objects not ported to graph-tool (such as faces).  For now I rely on a
somehow cumbersome dual propertymaps/pandas data manipulation.

I was wondering how this could go, but don't know from which end I
shell read the code in graph-tool. Also would some kind of plugin
architecture be possible (i.e. compiling the relevant Cpp bindings as
a shared object compatible with graph-tool)?
It is entirely possible to write such C++ plugins for graph-tool; I do
it all the time for my own stuff. However, this is still entirely

I plan to write this documentation, with a least a simple example, soon.
(I will give a small graph-tool tutorial talk in the next NetSci in
June, and I want to have this done by then.)

In the mean time, you can peak at how the PageRank code is implemented,
which is fact a rather complete yet not too long example of how to
extend graph-tool:

The C++ part:

The python part:

You need to know how to use the BGL and Boost python.


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