Thank u . I did it with a single core successfully.
Thanks more.

On 21 Dec 2018 12:19, "Tiago de Paula Peixoto" <> wrote:
Am 17.12.18 um 17:56 schrieb maedeh khalilian:
> Dear Tiago
> First off, so sorry for the low quality of the picture, actually it was my
> friend's fault,  taking just a picture and closing the terminal without
> saving before my coming.
> And regarding the compiling with using just one core , doesn it take too
> much time???
> This system's RAM is 16 GB. I thought it would be enough.
> Can u estimate how long it takes using just a single core?

With 16GB you can probably compile it using -j2....

Tiago de Paula Peixoto <>

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