First of all thank you for graph-tool, on my humble opinion one of the bests tools for graphs manipulation in open source.

I have two basic problems I hope you can resolve.

First I am trying to draw a graph using the draw_graph function, but something seems to be wrong in the code. This is my code:

import sys, os
from pylab import *

from graph_tool.Graph import *
g = load_graph("mygraph.dot")
graph_draw(g, output="prueba.png")

I get the following error:

/usr/local/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/graph_tool/draw/__init__.pyc in graph_draw(g, pos, size, pin, layout, maxiter, ratio, overlap, sep, splines, vsize, penwidth, elen, gprops, vprops, eprops, vcolor, ecolor, vcmap, vnorm, ecmap, enorm, output, output_format, returngv, fork, seed)
    239         gvg = gv.digraph("G")
    240     else:
--> 241         gvg = gv.graph("G")
    243     if pos != None:

NameError: global name 'gv' is not defined

I am using the last release from the git repository. Is this a problem from the repository version (non stable I suppose) or is this a problem in my code or installed libraries? I had no problem during the compilation, and I have already tested other functions such as the local_clustering and seem to be working.

Second. I have tried to use the condensational_graph function to compare some community_structures. But this function seems missing, is this some problem regarding with the non stable version, or it is my fault?

Thank you very much.